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  • LEAKED Emails From DOJ Supervisor Reveals Trump Would Rather Keep Out Brown People Than Drugs


    There’s more at stake, it turns out, with Donald Trump’s border policy than just the freedom of little children and the parents they’ve been separated from, some forever. Leaked emails from inside the Department of Justice show that a legal supervisor at the southern border tried to warn Customs and Border Patrol and the monsters at ICE that the “zero-tolerance” policy is having an unintended effect that is FAR worse than just letting people into the country illegally.

    The policy, which did not end with Trump’s Executive Order, calls for the prosecution of every single border crosser who doesn’t enter in exactly the right place, seeking asylum. That’s a break from the policies of previous administrations, all of which did enforce the law at the border — that illegal entry is, of course, illegal — but exercised discretion in how many people were actually prosecuted as opposed to simply turned back when they were caught entering illegally.

    But increasing prosecutions for illegal entry will necessarily draw resources — funding, agents, lawyers, judges, court appearance availability — away from other crimes. It’s simple math. And the crimes that the DOJ supervisor warned border authorities are now slipping through the cracks are mostly drug-related.

    In plain English: Trump is so focused on keeping out border crossers that drug trafficking cases, many of which involve seizures of more than a kilo of illicit substances, are getting dismissed due to the inability of authorities to gather evidence in the limited time they now have.

    There is no such crime as “felony” illegal entry, meaning that these drug offenses, which could be prosecuted in federal court and land the perpetrators huge federal sentences, are being ignored in favor of misdemeanors being committed by mostly asylum-seeking immigrants.

    In a time when America is in the grip of an opioid epidemic, it makes ZERO sense for the federal government to be dismissing cases like this, or even handing them off to states, where sentences can end up being substantially shorter. In fact, the San Diego Attorney’s Office said that the number of drug cases handed off to them by DHS has more than doubled recently over the same period last year.

    But that’s Trump’s America: It’s more important to keep out women and children running from violent gangs and drug cartels than it is to capture and incarcerate the drug runners many of them are fleeing — all because they’re the wrong color.

    If there’s even a small part of you that still wasn’t convinced Trump was an unrepentant racist, this should do the trick.

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