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  • Trump Stuns Crowd With Childish Stunt After Speech, This Is Insane (VIDEO)

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    Donald Trump must really hate the Republican Party, because he’s doing everything he can do ruin the chances of the GOP remaining in control of Congress. That is the only justification I can come up with that would explain what just happened.

    Trump has ramped up his efforts to destroy America with his inhumane immigration policies, which have forced children to be separated from their parents at the southern border. He’s repeatedly claimed that there’s nothing he can do about children and babies being held in detention camps, and has repeatedly blamed everything on the Democrats despite the fact that he has complete control over the situation.

    Trump stated these false talking points again and again during a speech today, defending his zero tolerance immigration policy and defending family separation. While his comments were revolting and shocking, what he did after this speech is just as embarrassing for the country. After concluding his awful speech, Trump pulled one of his sick and twisted publicity stunts by embracing the American flag.

    As in, putting his arms around it and giving the inanimate object a hug. As he did this, he smiled foolishly at the cameras, proving that he thoroughly enjoys trolling the country and making others suffer. This moment is hard to believe unless you’ve seen it with your very own eyes, so here you go:

    If you recall, Trump has a history of hugging the American flag, and he did it several times during his campaign. But at this time in history, when families are being destroyed, Trump’s move was in extremely poor taste.

    We can only sum up our disgust with one tweet, which is a highly appropriate reaction from Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol:

    Featured image via screen capture

    Patti Colli

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