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  • Trump Just Compared Immigrants To Vermin In His Latest Rant; There Is No Going Back From This

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    It almost feels at this point like we’re just making diary entries about all of the horrible things happening in America: Dear Diary, today the president overturned decades of diplomacy. Dear Diary, today Donald Trump told the whole world that America doesn’t care about climate change. Dear Diary, today we learned that Trump just intends to continue lying about things we can literally see him doing in real time.

    The entry for Tuesday, June 19th is a shameful one. Today Donald Trump compared immigrants to an “infestation,” like one might have of cockroaches or rats, as America grapples with the horrors of his new policy of taking children away from their parents at the border between the United States and Mexico:

    Note that there’s no mistaking this time just how wide a group of immigrants Trump is talking about this time. When he referred to them as “animals,” the right cried that he was “only” talking about MS-13 — that’s clearly not the case here. Here he says illegal immigrants are pouring into and infesting our country, then he uses MS-13 as an example of how immigrants are like insects.

    This is the same language that Hitler used to dehumanize Jews during the Holocaust. He called them animals and insects. He devalued their lives until at least a plurality of his citizens either agreed with him or were at least indifferent to the atrocities that eventually occurred.

    I’m not the only one who read the tweet this way, either:

    This truly is a terrifying moment in America. Will we continue to stand by as Donald Trump turns America into a villain for the whole world to see? Whether we feel helpless now or not, one thing is for certain: We MUST show up at the polls in November and vote out all of the white supremacists and Trump enablers who are allowing and encouraging this to happen.

    Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images