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  • BREAKING: Trump’s 2020 Campaign Manager Just Committed Obstruction Of Justice

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    Brad Parscale, the digital media director for Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential run, has moved up in the world. He’s gone from being simply the head of the nerds in charge of Trump’s online messaging — a job that he was spectacularly bad at, considering the cross-section of the vote he was focusing his efforts on and their failure to vote for Trump — to being the man in charge of the whole affair for 2020.

    Now, while that may be pointless practice for a campaign they’ll never run — given the very real possibility of impeachment, jail, or (preferably) some combination of the two — it’s still a big step up for a guy who looks like the kind of white supremacist you were likely to run into in Charlottesville around August 2017:

    Wikimedia Commons

    But if you’re going to play with the big boys, you apparently have to play the big boys’ game — and in the Trump universe, that’s obstruction of justice. So today, Brad jumped in with both feet, encouraging the big boss man to prematurely end the Mueller investigation via Twitter:

    The obvious comparison here is, of course, to Richard Nixon’s “Saturday Night Massacre,” in which Tricky Dick systematically fired everyone in the Department of Justice who refused to remove the special prosecutor who was after him during the Watergate investigation until he found another criminal willing to do his bidding.

    Trump wouldn’t likely get that far before his own party tore him apart. After all, it’s one thing to stand by and watch Trump do the things that all Republicans have secretly wanted (like eliminating taxes for the rich and punishing people for being brown) and another thing entirely to watch Trump kill the GOP while he does it.

    Parscale likewise does not possess the self-awareness that should prevent him from saying stupid things like this in public, as though the internet isn’t forever.

    Robert Mueller, I hope you’ve already taken note of Mr. Parscale’s take on the investigation.

    Featured image via New Century Times