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  • WH Staff In Shock After Trump Removes Pics Of Macron, Replaces Them With Framed Photos Of Kim Jong Un

    Donald Trump, Politics

    It seems that the original Trump bromance is over. It has been reported by Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Bender that US President Donald Trump has removed a picture of French President Emmanuel Macron from a wall in the West Wing and had it replaced with a picture of Trump’s former nemesis and new mate, North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un.

    The Trump-Macron bromance was one of the surprise stories of Trump’s election, as Macron was quick to visit Trump in order to build an accord between two countries that weren’t exactly natural friends. But recent problems between the two leaders meant that Trump has been seeking out a new best friend.

    Trump’s new buddy comes in the rather unlikely shape of North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong-Un. The men spent several months taking aim at each other over social media and had threatened each other with a potential nuclear holocaust. In a somewhat surprising twist, the men have managed to form an odd sort of accord (probably due to their odd personas and strange haircuts) and are seemingly on the verge of securing world peace and the destruction of North Korea’s nuclear arsenal. God only knows what sort of meeting the two men had while in Singapore, but seemingly it was good enough for Trump to remove the picture of the friend turned nemesis Macron.

    Surely the events of the coming months can be no stranger than what has happened over the past few months. Seemingly Trump and Kim have gone from trying to wipe each other off of the planet to being the best of friends. Perhaps if Macron wants back in the game then he should threaten to beat Trump to death with a baguette, then Trump will then reach out to him in order to fix their ailing relationship and become a Nobel Peace Prize contender. Jesus what an odd world we now live in…

    Featured image via Kevin Lim/The Strait Times/Handout/Getty Images)