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  • ACLU Perfectly Tears Down Trump’s Legal Argument For Pardoning Himself

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    Donald Trump has once again gotten himself into legal hot water — this time with the American Civil Liberties Union. After his earlier proclamations that he is allowed to pardon himself and that somehow he is above the law — a statement later seemingly backed by former New York Mayor and now Trump confidant Rudy Giuliani, the Union has come out to blast the president.

    Amanda Shanor, the ACLU Staff Attorney, said, “Trump’s lawyers assert that because the president is the chief law enforcement officer of the nation, he cannot obstruct justice, no matter what he does,” she writes. “This cannot be right. If the president, say, ordered the end of the Paul Manafort investigation because Manafort paid him a bribe, or because the investigation might reveal criminal wrongdoing by the president or his family and friends, that would be a classic ‘corrupt’ interference.”

    Trump is an extremely litigious character but this time he is on the wrong side of the law. He must be the first president in US history to try and claim somehow that he is above the law and that any wrongdoing can be swept under the carpet. I do not remember any former president making any claim stating they are above the law, and when Trump boasted of such legal immunity, the claim didn’t sound genuine.

    Rudy Giuliani is just one of the latest in a set of appointed minions who go out to bat for the idiot president and his almost constant protestations. The ACLU is right to call out Trump and his team because the president is far from above the law and as he is one of the highest officials of the law, it’s expected that he will at the very least stick to it. The idea that Trump can sweep his illegal mistakes under the carpet is disgusting and should not be what the President of the United States stands for.

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