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  • White House In Shambles As John Kelly Breaks Down, Trashes Trump In Front Of Senators (DETAILS)

    Donald Trump

    Chief of Staff John Kelly is currently with Donald Trump in Singapore as the president gets ready to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un face to face. While this is a historic meeting, there’s a really good chance that Kelly won’t be able to stomach it and is heading toward a major breakdown as Trump works his last nerves.

    Kelly has lasted far longer than much of Trump’s staff, joining the administration last summer and taking on the insane task of cleaning up the mess Trump had made of it, firing problematic White House staffers left and right. Kelly, a former military man, had every intention of getting the White House to run smoothly and enact some sort of discipline until Trump crushed his vision and made it impossible for him to get anything done. Things were so bad that there were multiple reports that Kelly would not be able to stay in Trump’s administration — and while Kelly has proven them wrong, he might not last much longer.

    According to the New York Times, Kelly is at his wit’s end and is unable to hold back his true feelings any longer. In speaking to a group of senators last week, Kelly admitted that he couldn’t get Trump’s White House under control, as it was constantly a place of chaos. Kelly also openly trashed his boss and told the group of senators that Trump’s White House was a “miserable place to work.” When these senators asked Kelly how he was doing, there was no sugar coating. Kelly replied, “Horrible.”

    The NYT also stated that the Trump administration is full of “burned-out aides” and many are “eyeing the exits” — including Kelly and deputy chief of staff Joe Hagin. The NYT wrote:

    “It seems as though Chief of Staff Kelly is losing power by the day. It’s almost like a battery that’s draining. I’ve not seen any presidency operate effectively without putting somebody in there that you respect and you can trust.”

    Despite how ineffective Trump has made him, Kelly has been much of what holds the White House together. If he leaves, there will be nothing to stop the Trump administration from burning down.

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