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  • New Report Reveals Kelly And Melania At War, Trump Stuck In Middle (DETAILS)

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    Lately, Chief of Staff John Kelly has gone off the deep end and his frustration with keeping the White House in order has grown immensely. Kelly reportedly got angry with the president during an Oval Office meeting last month and threatened to resign from his position. As Trump ignored his advice, Kelly reached his boiling point by going on a firing spree in the White House.

    Since then, the chief of staff has not been fully consulted on several recent key personnel decisions. Not to mention he has lost the trust and support of some of the staff members, as well as angered first lady Melania Trump, who according to a recent report, was upset over his sudden dismissal of Johnny McEntee, the president’s 27-year-old personal aide.

    Sources speculate that Melania’s issue with Kelly may spark more conflict within the Trump administration. Kelly has long seemed on the verge of either stepping down or being fired, and, as Washington Post reports, he threatens to quit pretty regularly. With Trump becoming less and less dependent on him, and no less hinged, it’s no surprise why Kelly is acting out.

    Trump is a mere toddler and Kelly is his babysitter, and it can be quite frustrating when a child will not listen to the patient, rational adult. Imagine entering a job as a highly respected, four-star General and being reduced to this bumbling caricature, a babysitter always annoying the president and First Lady. That’s what Trump does to long-standing distinguished reputations – he destroys them without a single thought. Its as if Trump took the White House and made it into the next season of Survivor. As the White House exodus continues, it will be interesting to see who will drop the ball next.

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