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  • Trump Admin In Shambles After EPA Chief Busted Sleeping On The Job

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    Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt had his protective agency agents break down his door at the Capitol Hill condo where he was living. The reason why the door was torn down is that his protective detail believed that he was unconscious and needed rescue. It’s a bizarre incident that the EPA refused to make public for months — until now.

    WTF Happened?

    According to ABC News, the incident occurred on March 29, 2017, at the Capitol Hill address that Pruitt was renting. The condo was co-owned by the wife of a top energy lobbyist, and it was assumed that Pruitt was given access to this condo to be in proximity to the operations on Capitol Hill. In the late afternoon, one of his protective details demanded that a police officer call 911 because guards were not able to contact Pruitt by phone and were banging at the residence’s front door with no response.

    According to a voice recording that is now public, the 911 operator was told that he was unconscious at the time and that they weren’t sure if he was breathing. Subsequent fire units mobilized and arrived, with the building’s glass panel being torn down, and protective detail rushing and ascending two flights to come to Pruitt’s aid. Two sources have noted that he was found groggy and waking up from a nap. Ultimately, Pruitt denied any sort of medical attention and a police report was not filed.

    Paying For Damages

    The EPA agreed to reimburse the condo owner for the torn-down door and damage done to the property. The spokesperson for Pruitt, Jahan Wilcox, did not respond to requests for further information or how much the reimbursement payments were to the condo owner.

    The EPA was designed to protect the environment and welfare of our communities, ensuring that industrial operations do not impede public health. It’s worth noting that Pruitt was sleeping in a condo connected to an oil lobbyist.

    It is currently unclear what caused the panic and why Pruitt was not able to hear the commotion of intel, police officers, and fire units tearing down a side of a condo to get to him.

    Featured image via Wikipedia Commons