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  • Trump Admin Just Prohibited Top Health Agency From Using These Certain Words; This Is Absurd

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    It’s almost expected for a Republican to attack science – and the Trump administration is doing just that. It’s now been reported that the administration is banning the Centers for Disease Control from using certain words and phrases like “diversity” and “science-based.” Senior officials from the CDC recently distributed these items of forbidden verbiage to policy analysts. These list of banned words are pushed out just as analysts prepare for the 2019 budget, which will come to fruition next February.

    An analysis who attended the closed-door meeting in Atlanta told the Washington Post that instead of using phrases like “evidence-based,” it was recommended that they use the phrase “CDC bases its recommendations on science in consideration with community standards and wishes.”

    Because you know, science is a democracy and subject to what people are comfortable with, right?

    Taking Advantage of the Poorly Educated

    Trump’s base has largely been galvanized by the poorly educated. Trump has taken advantage of these people, where most citizens know who the president is, but they do not know which party controls Congress, what Congress has done recently, and whether the economy is in an upward trajectory or downwards. It’s the land of the ignorant, and President Trump is ensuring that they stay that way by removing factual data from the CDC’s lexicon.

    The Trump administration is also doing its best to erase any wording that is inclusive of sexual orientation or abortion rights – which had been spotlighted by the Obama administration. Several key departments, like Health and Human Services, have changed how they gather information about these communities. For example, last March the Housing and Urban Development Agency dropped questions when it comes to sexual orientation and identity in several surveys for elderly citizens. The agency also eliminated questions about LGBT Americans from its website.

    Responding To The CDC News

    Many celebrities and influencers responded to the news, with most people showing outrage, regardless of their political affiliation. The hashtag #CDC7words surfaced quickly as a response to these new regulations.

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