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  • Trump Plans To Launch Massive Aerial Drill; North Korea’s Response Is Terrifying (DETAILS)

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    North Korea is reading the minds of many Americans. The country has claimed that President Donald Trump is “begging for war.” This is a response to the president conducting one of the largest air drills near the Korean Peninsula in the coming week. The drill will happen between December 4 through December 8, with many North Korean military officials suggesting that it is a way for the United States to flex its “nuclear war mania.”

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs had a warning for the USA’s propensity to flex its nuclear artillery: “Should the Korean peninsula and the world be embroiled in the crucible of nuclear war because of the reckless nuclear war mania of the U.S., the U.S. will have to accept full responsibility for it.”

    North Korea vs. Trump

    North Korea and the United States has had a stifled relationship for the past several decades. North Korea felt a duty to protect itself from an American attack, with that fear having validity – in 1950 then-president Harry Truman said that there was consideration of the United States utilizing an atomic bomb during the Korean War. The collapse of the relationship between the two countries was further galvanized during the George W. Bush era, with the administration taking a more hard-line approach to North Korea’s burgeoning atomic weaponry.

    Presently, it seems like North Korea is in a war of words with the current president, Donald Trump. By 2017, North Korea successfully fired its first intercontinental ballistic missile, as well as claimed to have successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb. During an address this past September, President Trump said that if the United States were forced to defend itself or its allies, it would have “no choice but to totally destroy North Korea.” Kim Jong-un responded to the threats, calling President Trump “deranged.” The war of words and egos continues to this day.

    U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley warned that North Korea would be “utterly destroyed” by a nuclear war, while saying that that was not the conclusion that the United States wants.




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